[Marxism] Max Blumenthal on the "social justice" movement in Israel

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 15 07:03:34 MDT 2011


Many observers of the massive July 14 “social justice revolution” 
sweeping through Israel have been wondering when the protest 
movement would deal directly with the occupation of Palestine, or 
whether it would it all. On August 14, a month after the 
demonstrations began, the movement finally tackled the situation 
across the Green Line. But instead of connecting the concept of 
social justice to the rights of everyone living under Israeli 
control, July 14 officially endorsed (website is in Hebrew) a tent 
protest for “social justice” in the illegal West Bank 
mega-settlement of Ariel.

There is a lot to say about this move, but I will keep it brief 
for now: By officially ignoring the occupation, the July 14 
movement is behaving as though the two state solution is a current 
fact on the ground — they are living in a walled-off fantasy 
world. And by embracing Ariel, July 14 has tacitly proclaimed its 
support for keeping and subsidizing the main settlement blocs.

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