[Marxism] Top Secret CIA 'Official History' of the Bay of Pigs: Revelations

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> National Security Archive Update, August 15, 2011
> 'Friendly Fire' Reported as CIA Personnel Shot at Own Aircraft
> New Revelations on Assassination Plots, Use of Americans in Combat
> National Security Archive FOIA Lawsuit Obtains Release of Last Major
> Internal Agency Compilation on Paramilitary Invasion of Cuba
> Newsweek runs article by Historian Robert Dallek based on Archive work
> Archive Cuba Project posts Four Volumes; calls for declassification of
> still secret Volume 5
> For more information contact:
> Peter Kornbluh - 202/994-7000
> http://www.nsarchive.org
> Washington, D.C., August 15, 2011 - In the heat of the battle at the Bay of
> Pigs, the lead CIA field operative aboard one of the transport boats fired
> .75mm recoilless rifles and .55mm machine guns on aircraft his own agency
> had supplied to the exile invasion force, striking some of them.  With the
> CIA-provided B-26 aircraft configured to match those in the Cuban air force
> in order to provide a "plausible denial" of the U.S. role in the invasion,
> "we couldn't tell them from the Castro planes," according to the operative,
> Grayston Lynch. "We ended up shooting at two or three of them. We hit some
> of them there because when they came at us...it was a silhouette, that was
> all you could see."
> This episode of 'friendly fire' is one of many revelations contained in the
> Top Secret multi-volume, internal CIA report, "The Official History of the
> Bay of Pigs Operation." Other revelations include new information on the
> CIA's collaboration with the Mafia to assassinate Fidel Castro as part of
> the invasion plan, Richard Nixon's role in the invasion preparations, covert
> efforts to orchestrate the defection of top Cuban officials,  Anastacio
> Somoza's quid pro quos for providing cooperation, and the use of American
> pilots in the attack on Cuba.
> Pursuant to a Freedom of Information lawsuit filed by the National Security
> Archive on the 50th anniversary of the invasion last April, the CIA recently
> declassified four volumes of the massive, detailed, study--over 1200 pages
> of comprehensive narrative and documentary appendices.
> The Archive posted all four volumes today, along with a comprehensive
> synopsis of the new information contained in them.
> But the CIA refused to release a single word of the fifth and final volume
> of the Official History, written by CIA Chief Historian Jack Pfeiffer
> between 1974 and 1984. Today, CIA lawyers were expected to present papers in
> court arguing that Volume V cannot be released for national security
> considerations among other reasons.
> Archive Cuba specialist Peter Kornbluh, who filed the lawsuit, hailed the
> release as "a major advance in obtaining the fullest possible record of the
> most infamous debacle in the history of the CIA's covert operations." The
> Bay of Pigs, he noted, "remains fundamentally relevant to the history of the
> CIA, of U.S. intervention in Cuba and Latin America, and of U.S. foreign
> policy. It is a clandestine history that must be understood in all its
> inglorious detail."
> Kornbluh said the Archive would continue to pursue all legal avenues to
> obtain the release of the entire study. "More than half a century after the
> dramatic debacle described in the Official History," he noted, "the American
> public has a right to know the full history of what was done in its name but
> without its knowledge."
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