[Marxism] Labor's Wisconsin defeat

jay rothermel jayrothermel at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 23:51:56 MDT 2011


The recall campaign successfully demobilized, confused, and distracted; the
false hopes it raised and cruelly dashed underline the cynicism and
brutality of its architects....

The US ruling class knows how high the stakes are for them in pushing
through these union-busting austerity budgets.  The first Black president
was elected precisely to liquidate Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid;
he came very close during the debt ceiling debate, and had those programs
[actually a portion of the social wage funded by the labor of  workers
themselves] on offer on the chopping block when Republicans retreated from
In Wisconsin the marshaling of huge national political resources by
capitalist party machines and foundations, creating a recall campaign "wall
of sound" to drown out a class struggle perspective, was just as effective
as the media hysteria/stampede around the debt ceiling debate.

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