[Marxism] NYPD riot units conduct drills

Steven Matthews steve at panix.com
Wed Aug 17 07:55:55 MDT 2011


In the wake of the London riots, the NYPD Disorder Control Unit held a 
"mobilization exercise" on Randall's Island on Friday to rehearse its 
response should out-of-control riots break out here, Metro has learned. 
Approximately 180 police officers total from each borough's task force, 
including the horseback and aviation units, came out for the drill, 
according to police.

"The London response wasn't that great -- they were outnumbered and taken 
by surprise," said Mike Codella, a retired NYPD detective. When he was on 
the force, riot drills happened once a year at most, he said. The training 
exercise comes the same week the NYPD has stepped up its monitoring of 
social media, used to organize mayhem across England and also to 
coordinate teen mobs in Philadelphia.

Police will now troll sites like Twitter and Facebook for suspicious 
activity, gang feuds and house parties as part of a new juvenile justice 

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