[Marxism] More Obama supporters attacking the left liberals

Tristan Sloughter kungfooguru at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 17:04:03 MDT 2011

> The latter should have happened, coming out of the 1970s . . . .
The fact that something like that didn't come out of the 70's has been a
confusion and source of pessimism for me. But I suspect that's simply
because I don't properly understand the dynamics that were at play at the
time. The problems I know of were the dysfunction of the organizations and
Party's causing split after split, the government crack down (both the
attacks on the Left form decades before and the government attacks during
the late 50s to early 70s) and the weakening and collapse of the Soviet

Or could it also be related to the fact that so much was accomplished then
-- the civil rights movement, ending the Vietnam war, women's rights, etc --
that there wasn't enough to keep going and nothing to bring it together into
a solid Left opposition? And the leaders of the movements (except near the
end like MLK Jr.) weren't connecting the struggles to economic policy? (I'm
just guessing on that one.)

And then the mission now would be to connect the everyday issues of the
crisis, war and poverty to capitalism itself? I know that is obvious for
what socialists should do, haha, but I'm thinking in relation to what might
have gone wrong coming out of that time.

Eh, I'm rambling, I still have much to learn and understand about those
decades and how they have had such an impact on what is going on still


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