[Marxism] Four years jail for riot joke on Facebook

Einde O'Callaghan eindeoc at freenet.de
Wed Aug 17 22:31:30 MDT 2011

On 17.08.2011 19:51, Paul Flewers wrote:
> I think that this point about the obligation upon the public to help
> quell a riot is very significant, as if you are a witness to a riot
> and, whilst not actually looting or throwing things at the Old Bill,
> do not try to prevent disorder -- that is, you just stand there
> looking at the events -- you are nonetheless actually under law
> considered as a rioter, and liable to arrest and prosecution. The
> British state rules out neutrality here!
> My friend told me whilst the riots were still in progress that he had
> been told that the judiciary had been 'told' to come down very heavily
> upon those involved. This has certainly been the case.
As far as I'm aware the riot act was not read at any of the incidents of 
disorder and senior police and government ministers have been very 
careful not to describe any of the incidents as a riot. This is possibly 
because there are profound financial consequences if an incident is 
described as a riot - specifically, the government - not the insurance 
companies - has to pick up the tab for all damage, even for premises 
that weren't insured.

Einde O'Callaghan

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