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NY Times August 17, 2011
Bashing E.P.A. Is New Theme in G.O.P. Race

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency is emerging as a 
favorite target of the Republican presidential candidates, who 
portray it as the very symbol of a heavy-handed regulatory agenda 
imposed by the Obama administration that they say is strangling 
the economy.

Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota wants to padlock the 
E.P.A.’s doors, as does former Speaker Newt Gingrich. Gov. Rick 
Perry of Texas wants to impose an immediate moratorium on 
environmental regulation.

Representative Ron Paul of Texas wants environmental disputes 
settled by the states or the courts. Herman Cain, a businessman, 
wants to put many environmental regulations in the hands of an 
independent commission that includes oil and gas executives. Jon 
M. Huntsman Jr., the former Utah governor, thinks most new 
environmental regulations should be shelved until the economy 

Only Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, has a kind 
word for the E.P.A., and that is qualified by his opposition to 
proposed regulation of carbon dioxide and other gases that 
contribute to global warming.

Opposition to regulation and skepticism about climate change have 
become tenets of Republican orthodoxy, but they are embraced with 
extraordinary intensity this year because of the faltering 
economy, high fuel prices, the Tea Party passion for smaller 
government and an activist Republican base that insists on strict 
adherence to the party’s central agenda.



NY Times January 25, 2011
Energy and Climate Czar Browner's Resignation Seen as the End of 
an Era
By GABRIEL NELSON of Greenwire

The departure of White House energy and climate czar Carol Browner 
could be a sign of a sea change in President Obama's approach to 
energy issues, experts say, marking a shift from advancing new 
climate and energy programs to defending the economic value of the 
policies that his administration has put in place over its first 
two years.

Environmentalists are hoping the White House will move quickly to 
replace the "all-star quarterback of President Obama's green dream 
team," said Daniel Weiss, director of climate strategy at the 
liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund.

It is unclear whether President Obama will appoint someone to 
replace Browner or get rid of her office altogether, but recent 
moves suggest that the White House is starting to focus more on 
the economic value of his energy policies.

"Every administration has different lives to it. We're entering 
the second life," said Joshua Freed, director of the clean energy 
program at the centrist think tank Third Way. "That includes 
different people with different approaches. It also includes a 
different set of parameters of what's possible. The key focus of 
the president right now, understandably, is economic growth."


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