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Certainly all the groups with which I'm involved, on a local, state, or
national level, work very well with what we call the "faith communities." In
order to work for immigrant rights, for example, one has to be ready to work
with Roman Catholic priests and nuns, and in my opinion, they are doing
exactly what they SHOULD be doing, based on their beliefs. Similarly, I
applaud the way the United National Antiwar Committee has reached out to the
Islamic communities (I have other disagreements with UNAC, but this is not
one of them). The relationship between the People's Organization for
Progress in Newark and other communities with the churches in the Black
community is absolutely key to their success. Our local peace committee here
in Northwest New Jersey began with dialogue between Protestants and Muslims
in the months after 9/11; there are thousands of Muslims in northern New
Jersey-the Paterson-Clifton-Passaic area is the second largest Arab and
Muslim community in the country, after Dearborn, Michigan. If there are
socialists who carry their atheism so far that they will not reach out to
the faith communities, I have not seen it, and I'm glad I have not seen

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This doesn't mean Marxism is irrelevant, only that its atheist perspective
will not be dominant in a mass socialist movement, at least in the short
term. Just so we're clear, I don't believe in God, personally.

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