[Marxism] Marxist contrarians on the British riots

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 21 08:52:02 MDT 2011

Louis (T.) plaints : "If we are all on the same quest for the same objective truth, and none of us can realize it unless many of us do, displays of superiority will do damage, while mutual intellectual aid will see us thrive."

After reading Zizek, Louie's (with a P), Lenin's Tomb, ad nauseum on Zizek just to see if Theilman had a point, I have to say two things:1. That's what I get for thinking Theilman had a point2. Theilman should come out from behind the curtain regarding the main point of all this "contrariness" about the U.K. uprising; What exactly does he think about this event of rather singular importance? 
After all, "riot" or rebellion are not a "tomato/tomahto" issue (yes, the quotes around "riot" denote a bias, so, just resist the urge to play "gotcha"), at least if you are a revolutionary. It seems to me that all this sturm and drum around the "unwashed" masses in Britain "going too far" because they first, display anger at injustice on top of social inequality and then "overdo it" by becoming enraged, like the socially unequal--old and young alike--are wont to do all seems like a problem. It's just not Our problem. 

I am reminded of Malcolm X (as I am wont to do) in one of his most eloquent moments (hard to say that when there were so many) when he observed about the difference between "House [slaves] and Field [slaves]"--sorry, I simply won't use his actual words, 'cause I just can't--He pointed out house slaves would tend to worry about the master's predicaments; that when the master's house caught fire, the house slave would do all he could to save the house. Whereas, the field slave . . . would pray for a wind. 

Here's to praying for a wind in Britain.

Direct enough  of a point "fu' ya"? 		 	   		  

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