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BEHIND THE NEWS with Doug Henwood

"Best Music on an Economics & Politics Radio Show"
Village Voice Best of NYC 2005

Freshly posted to my radio archive
(actually the files have been there for a while, but the web gateway 
wasn't updated - if you subscribe to the podcast, you've gotten these 

August 20, 2011 Max Ajl, the Jewbonics blogger, on why Israelis are in 
the streets and how talk of the Occupation is not welcome • Yanis 
Varoufakisupdates the eurocrisis as it spreads westwards

it joins:
August 13, 2011 Dacher Keltner of UC–Berkeley on the psychology of class 
and social interactions • David Graeber, author of Debt: The First 5,000 
Years, provides an anthropologist’s POV on money and debt				

July 30, 2011 Joel Schalit on Brevik, the European right, its attitude 
towards Israel, and Israel’s own right • Brad DeLong on the political 
economy of austerity

July 23, 2011 James Galbraith on deficit hysteria and the single-volume 
collection of four books by his father, John Kenneth Galbraith, 
published by the Library of Amerca				

July 16, 2011 Amber Hollibaugh, interim director of Queers for Economic 
Justice, on the limits of same-sex marriage (see here for more) • Jeff 
Madrick, author of The Age of Greed, on the emergence of today’s icky 
economic order				

July 2, 2011 Christian Parenti, author of Tropic of Chaos, talks about 
the effects of climate change amidst state collapse, plentiful weaponry, 
and neoliberalism

June 25, 2011 Abe Sauer, writer for The Awl, on what’s been going on in 
Wisconsin since the great February upsurge • Abby Rapoport of The Texas 
Observer on Texas gov Rick Perry • Jon Bakija, co-author of this paper, 
on how and why the rich have gotten richer				

June 18, 2011 Ken Morris, co-author of Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin, 
on that overexposed curiosity • Julia Ott, author of When Wall Street 
Met Main Street, on big finance’s attempts to appear democratic

June 11, 2011 Vincent Reinhart at the Council on Foreign Relations on 
Greece and the political trick of austerity (thanks to the CFR for 
allowing broadcast; full event here) • Greg Grandin, author of 
Fordlandia, on all the great political developments in South America				

June 4, 2011 Another Hoover interview: Morris Fiorina on American public 
opinion and the nonexistence of the “culture war” • And in non-Hoover 
content, Yanis Varoufakis updates the Greek and EU crises
May 28, 2011 Hoover Institution special. Two interviews from my week as 
a Hoover media fellow. Paul Gregory on Russian politics (Putin vs. 
Medvedev) • Terry Moe on school “reform” (i.e., charters, testing, 
unionbusting, etc.)	


Doug Henwood
Producer, Behind the News
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"best music on a show about economics & politics" - Village Voice

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