[Marxism] Juan Cole: The Great Tripoli Uprising (the text)

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 15:41:11 MDT 2011

This is so sad. The heroic masses of Libya have proven, as they did in
the beginning of the anti-Qaddafi revolt, that they share the courage
and self-sacrifice needed to make their own revolution. But in between
they have allowed their "leaders" to hand the country over to the
At the beginning of this betrayal, the claim was that a massacre in
Benghazi had to be prevented. I wonder has anyone ever compared the
numbers who would have died there with the numbers who have died in
the months of fighting against the butcher Assad.
So now Libya faces years of death and destruction imposed by
Washington a la Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, etc.
UNTIL, that is, the Libyan masses, proud of their role in ousting the
lunatic butcher Qaddafi, realize they can oust the US as well.
PS on a very  related note, see my speech at:
I post this not because it's the best speech ever made, but simply so
people know SA's position on Syria.

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