[Marxism] Anthony Brain comments on left recomposition over Libya!

MARIAN BRAIN marian.brain at btinternet.com
Sun Aug 21 16:03:56 MDT 2011

Gerry Downing is correct that the groups who supported the rebels or were openly 
pro-Imperialist military intervention such as AWL and SP minority will go 
through a massive crisis. They will go into crisis regardless of how the Libyan 
war goes with either pro-Imperialist rebel forces being driven out of Tripoli or 
Imperialism oust Gaddafi could embolden Imperialism to go further into other 
adventures. If Imperialism is defeated it will strengthen the radicalization 
within the Imperialist countries with those factions within the Centrist groups 
under Imperialist countries paying the price for supporting the wrong side. If 
dangers of a third world war become more obvious with dangers of nuclear suicide 
the workers and middle classes within the Imperialist countries will want it 
stopped. In that situation those who were openly pro-Imperialist or pro-Libyan 
rebels will be seen to assist that process of allowing Imperialism to go further 
down the road to a Third World War. The Libyan War has to be seen in an 
international context of Capitalist crisis which is forcing Imperialism to 
attempt re-Colonizing the semi-Colonies and overthrow the workers' states. If 
Imperialism is not stopped in its adventures a Third World War could break out. 

Downing has spelled out correctly what will happen if Imperialism wins out in 
Libya in terms of massive privatization and women rights being dramatically 
worsened under Sharia law. Downing has kept the continuity of Trotskyism on most 
aspects of semi-Colonies. In 1994 he broke with Trotskyism by being opportunist 
when he supported calling for a vote to a Bourgeois party: - the ANC. 

On the workers' states he has abandoned Trotskyism completely with him giving up 
battle within Russia before it is really beginning. Cannon said in "The struggle 
for a Proletarian Party" that it is the worse crime to give up defence of 
workers' states when the struggle against Capitalist restoration is in the 
balance. Downing argues Russia and China are "Imperialist powers". This is a 
break from Permanent Revolution which Trotskyists argue that if Capitalism is 
restored in either Russia or China would be dismembered as semi-Colonies.
I have just read Andy Pollack submission to Marxmail.  He is completely wrong to 
say Imperialism played no role in Tripoli fighting.  According to Russia Today 
NATO has not relented bombing Tripoli over the last 48 hours for even two 
seconds.  Pollack does not see the pro-Imperialist character of rebels.  This 
concillationist and capitulatioin to now pro-Imperialist forces by American 
Socialist Action leadership has its roots in them supporting the KLA in Kosovo 
when they were fighting with Imperialism to overthrow the workers’ states in 
what remained of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY – Serbia and 
Montenegro).and supporting pro-Imperialist Kurds when they fought with 
US/British Imperialism during the 2003 Iraq war.    

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