[Marxism] Tripoli falls to revolution

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*Libya rebels in Tripoli, Gadhafi defenses collapse*

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APBy BEN HUBBARD - Associated Press,KARIN LAUB - Associated Press | AP – 17

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — Euphoric Libyan rebels raced into the capital Tripoli
on Sunday and moved close to center with little resistance as Moammar
Gadhafi's defenses collapsed and his regime appeared to be crumbling fast.

Associated Press reporters with the rebels said they moved easily from the
western outskirts into the regime stronghold in a dramatic turning of the
tides in the 6-month-old Libyan civil war. A rebel leader said the unit in
charge of protecting Gadhafi and Tripoli had surrendered and joined the
revolt, allowing the opposition force to move in freely.

"They will enter Green Square tonight, God willing," said Mohammed al-Zawi,
a 30-year-old rebel who entered Tripoli. Green Square has been the site of
night rallies by Gadhafi supporters throughout the uprising.

Earlier in the day, the rebels overran a major military base defending the
capital, carted away truckloads of weapons and raced to Tripoli with
virtually no resistance.

Gadhafi's whereabouts were unknown. But he delivered a series of angry and
defiant audio messages broadcast on state television. He was not shown in
the messages. In the latest one, he acknowledged that the opposition forces
were moving into Tripoli and warned the city would be turned into another

"How come you allow Tripoli the capital, to be under occupation once again?"
he said. "The traitors are paving the way for the occupation forces to be
deployed in Tripoli."

He called on his supporters to march in the streets of the capital and
"purify it" from "the rats."

Opposition leaders at one point claimed Gadhafi's son and one-time heir
apparent, Seif al-Islam, had been arrested, but they later backtracked and
said this was not yet confirmed.

The rebels' surprising and speedy leap forward, after six months of largely
deadlocked civil war, was packed into just a few dramatic hours. By
nightfall, they had advanced more than 20 miles to Tripoli.

Thousands of jubilant civilians rushed out of their homes to cheer the long
convoys of pickup trucks packed with rebel fighters shooting in the air.
Some of the fighters were hoarse, shouting: "We are coming for you,
frizz-head," a mocking nickname for Gadhafi. In villages along the way that
fell to the rebels one after another, mosque loudspeakers blared "Allahu
Akbar," or "God is great."

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