[Marxism] On Libya

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 23:44:11 MDT 2011

*On his blog Richard Seymour writes*: So, I'm just saying, I don't think
we're witnessing a revolutionary process here.  I think that's been halted a
long time ago.  And it will take time and organisation before it resumes, if
it does.

*My comment:*

Richard is probably correct here.  Certainly what one is witnessing can be
spun as a replay of Afghanistan where with the aid of American troops the
Northern Alliance took out the Taliban.  It is also very probable that
confidence in intervention will have been boosted in Imperialist ranks.

However Qadhdhafi's fall will have ramifications which are not totally
negative.  Though they conspired against him the Arab potentates cannot be
totally happy at the unfolding spectacle of people running around the
streets screaming about being free.  Qadhdhafi himself may be captured and
put on trial. That is another eventuality which could send shivers up the
spine of the Kings. They will in all likelihood do all they can to prevent
that outcome. But they may not be able to.

So on balance I am perhaps a little less pessimistic about what is happening
than Richard would appear to be. Besides for aesthetic reasons if nothing
else it is wonderful to be free of the tyrant. (What will they do with all
those costumes and uniforms?)

I am thinking also of the Sudanese Communist martyrs whom Qadhdhafi captured
and sent to their death. Revenge has been a long time coming but then that
is a dish which still can taste fine after many years.


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