[Marxism] latest from J. Cole: interesting comments on working-class nature of uprising; also on a form of "Orientalism" among commentators

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Mon Aug 22 05:55:48 MDT 2011

On 22/08/2011 12:47, John Cox wrote:
> “It requites no great prescience to see that this will all end up badly. Qaddafi’s failure to collapse on schedule is prompting increasing pressure to start a ground war, since the NATO operation is, in terms of prestige, like the banks Obama has bailed out, Too Big to Fail. Libya will probably be balkanized.”
> I don’t understand the propensity of Western analysts to keep pronouncing nations in the global south “artificial” and on the verge of splitting up. It is a kind of Orientalism.

This doesn't make any sense.  Imperialism is constantly deploying 
'balkanising' strategies, and it opportunistically uses or confects 
whatever divisions will suffice.  If Iraq had been partitioned, as Biden 
wanted (and recall there was no political basis for sectarianism before 
the occupation), would this have made it a more 'artificial' country 
than Libya?  It's ridiculous.  The de facto partition of Libya was, for 
much of the war, already under way.  The basis of it was largely 
political, not 'tribal'.  Had the military struggle taken a slightly 
different path, had Qadhafi held out for a little longer, a strong 
prospect was of some sort of negotiated stalemate.  That would have 
entailed two governments claiming sole legitimacy to rule over all of 
Libya, thus the perpetuation of de facto partition: hence, Balkanization.

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