[Marxism] [RKOB] Imperialism, Uprising against Gaddafi and revolutionary tactics

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Mon Aug 22 06:58:57 MDT 2011

*Revolutionary Communist Organisation for Liberation (RKOB):**
The Intervention of the imperialist powers in Libya, the struggle of the 
masses against Gaddafi's dictatorship and the tactics of revolutionary 

/In the context of the present uprising in Tripoli I would like to draw 
reader's attention to a chapter on Libya of a recently published book on 
the Arab Revolution.


Here is the brief intro to the text:

This text is the English-language translation of an excerpt from a book 
on the Arab Revolution published by the Revolutionary Communist 
Organisation for Liberation (RKOB) in early August 2011. The Book -- 
Michael Pröbsting: The Half Revolution. Lessons and Perspectives of the 
Arab Uprising -- is in German language and contains eight chapters. It 
discusses the background of the Arab Revolution and its most important 
lessons. It outlines a program with the central demands and transitional 
slogans to continue the revolution up to the seizure of the power by the 
working class. In addition it relates the present-day challenges of the 
Arab Revolution to central theoretical and programmatic disputes in the 
history of the workers movement (like the law of the uneven and combined 
development, the strategy of permanent revolution versus socialism in 
one country, questions of revolutionary strategy etc.).

The RKOB has published this book because we consider the Arab Revolution 
as a historic event. As we write in the preface of the book we consider 
this uprising "as the first revolutionary wave in the new world historic 
period. (...) The Arab Revolution therefore constitutes an important 
touchstone for Marxism today."

Here we publish chapter VII on Libya. We hope to translate more of the 
book in the near future. We welcome contributions and critique -- 
particularly of those who have an active interest in fighting for a 
Marxist perspective for the Arab Revolution and for building a 
revolutionary communist international organization.

This translation would not have been possible without the hard work of 
our US-American comrade Adam Beltz. He not only read the draft of the 
book and made numerous critical comments for its improvement but also 
took the hard work of translating this chapter into English.

The website of the RKOB is www.rkob.net <http://www.rkob.net>. While 
most of the articles on it are in German at the moment the website has a 
translation machine. We can be contacted at aktiv at rkob.net 
<mailto:aktiv at rkob.net>. The Book can be ordered at the Onlineshop on 
our website or under the e-mail address aktiv at rkob.net 
<mailto:aktiv at rkob.net>. It costs 5 Euro plus costs for mailing.

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