[Marxism] [RKOB] Imperialism, Uprising against Gaddafi and revolutionary tactics

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 22 08:43:02 MDT 2011

At 14:58 22/08/11 +0200, RKOB wrote:
>*Revolutionary Communist Organisation for Liberation (RKOB):**
>The Intervention of the imperialist powers in Libya, the struggle of the 
>masses against Gaddafi's dictatorship and the tactics of revolutionary 

I found this rather worth reading, and largely agree with its analysis
(with some exceptions) and conclusions. It's not the sort of text I'm
particularly attracted to inasmuch as it concentrates on "exposing" the
other left positions and fitting every empirical fact into a theoretical
orthodoxy which can blind one to ambiguous and novel aspects of history in
the making. But it wasn't bad, and consistent with: 

At 08:55 22/08/11 -0400, Andrew Pollack wrote:
>re Dayne and Fred's points: BOTH (imperialist war and the Arab
>uprising) are key to the situation. 

I guess I agree with that as stated, but with a different emphasis between
the two. Up until now the victory of the revolution, a component of the
Arab revolution of 2011, was primary regardless of who else claimed to
support it or had evil plans in relation to it. Now that the revolution has
(apparently) won, the key struggle for the Libyan's indeed WILL be against
imperialism and its various manifestations (which will not always be clear)
amongst those who seize power. I'd hope that the leftists who are currently
lamenting the "imperialist victory" will just get over that and move on to
the task at hand: making future history record the Libyan revolution as one
(along with the Arab revolution generally) whose success, in the end, was a
great blow to imperialism and the established order that had ruled the Arab
world for decades.

- Jeff


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