[Marxism] dropping of DSK charges: rally in NYC today at 5 pm

John Cox johncox519 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 22 13:40:22 MDT 2011

from "Feministing," an excellent feminist website:
"....Regardless of Diallo’s past and any changed versions of stories she may have made about what she did after the alleged assault, it does not mean she wasn’t raped. The fact that there is DNA evidence, the fact new medical reports state Diallo’s injuries were those of sexual assault, and the fact that Strauss-Kahn is currently being accused of attempted rape by his daughter’s friend, is a hell of a lot of evidence that this should not end here.
"It’s no news to the feminist community that this case has turned into a trial against Diallo, and now she may not only not get justice, but will not even get a chance to fight for it.
"It’s also not news that the outcome of this case is emblematic of deeply embedded sexist cultural norms and a judicial system that assumes that women are not to be trusted. And immigrant women of color? Pshh. But as bleak as things may be, these injustices must continue to be challenged, and those who come forward supported.
"In response, Feministing has joined several other organizations and groups to rally downtown today and demand that Diallo receive a continuation of the case — people are gathering at NYC Criminal Court on 11 Centre St at 5 pm today. The Facebook invite is here with details: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=267596253266712"
full text: http://feministing.com/2011/08/22/diallos-lawyers-predicting-da-will-drop-dsk-case-rally-in-nyc-today/ 		 	   		  

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