[Marxism] Filthy, lying, shameful ANSWER email :-(

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 22 17:38:49 MDT 2011

At 16:43 22/08/11 +0200, Jeff wrote:
> I'd hope that the leftists who are currently
>lamenting the "imperialist victory" will just get over that and move on to
>the task at hand.....

I can see now that I was extremely naive to expect that certain stalinists
would relent in the face of reality and participate in the next stages of
struggle rather than clinging to their preconceptions which have been
proven so totally wrong by events. Without a hint of humility, ANSWER has
sent out a disgusting email not only repeating their earlier falsehoods but
piling on further layers of crap that is just beyond belief! For anyone not
so fortunate to be on their email list, you can read the text (signed by
Brian Becker) here:


If this were 10 years later I might be sending this piece out as a HUMOR
item, but coming at the very time of the victory of their immense struggle
in which many thousands sacrificed their lives and having such filthy
slanders heaped upon their revolution.... this is just absolutely
despicable. I won't even start addressing the litany of lies and
distortions (and what appear to be simply made-up "facts") contained in
just about every paragraph of this not-so-short article, or I'd be writing
all night (and telling most of you what is already clear). But the
implication in the last paragraph is particularly ominous where he asserts:

     If the Pentagon, CIA, and Wall Street succeed
     in installing a client regime in Tripoli [which 
     according to the article has already occurred] it
     will accelerate and embolden the imperialist
     threats and intervention against other 
     independent governments such as Syria
     and Venezuela

Yes, Syria! I suspect that we shall soon be reading another version of this
very piece in which "Libya" and "Gaddafi" have been replaced word for word
with "Syria" and "Assad." :-(

- Jeff

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