[Marxism] FBI sting operation in Albany investigated

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Tue Aug 23 07:21:35 MDT 2011

To catch a terrorist:
The FBI hunts for the enemy within

By Petra Bartosiewicz

Petra Bartosiewicz also wrote “The Intelligence Factory: How 
America makes its enemies disappear” for Harper’s Magazine.

To fear and dehumanize alien Others, to ruthlessly hunt them down, 
is truly American.—Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, This Violent Empire

In June 2008, I attended a meeting in Albany organized by the FBI 
and designed to quell the growing fury over the arrest and 
prosecution of two local Muslim immigrants, Yassin Aref and 
Mohammed Hossain. The previous year Aref and Hossain, both leaders 
at a local mosque, had been sentenced to fifteen years in federal 
prison in connection with their role in a terrorism scheme that 
the press had dubbed the Albany “missile plot.” According to the 
FBI complaint, the pair had agreed to “make money through jihad” 
by laundering the proceeds from the sale of a shoulder-launched 
missile that a Pakistani militant group, Jaish-e-Mohammed, 
intended to use to assassinate a Pakistani diplomat in New York 
City. Yet in announcing the arrest of Aref and Hossain, the FBI 
allowed that their crimes were “not real” and that the public had 
never actually been in jeopardy. The plot had been a sting 
operation wherein the FBI concocted the assassination plan and 
furnished the weapon. Though much of the evidence against the two 
men remained classified, it was unclear that either man even knew 
he was involved in a terrorist plot.

full: http://www.harpers.org/archive/2011/08/0083545

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