[Marxism] Libya

Dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Tue Aug 23 07:49:29 MDT 2011

At this point, NATO is VERY keen to show that the Libyan rebels have won
without critical help from NATO.

And yet, it is clear from the fact that NATO strikes have caused
"minimum" (but growing as confidence rises) "collateral damage", that
they are being directed at very close-range, tactical range, by people
with laser target designators, which is precisely what the over 300
French "Opérations Spéciales" and their British counterparts are equpied
with, i.e. close-range laser target designators.

During the latest briefing, NATO spokespersons were careful to state

In France, we have known for the last five months that several hundred
French Commandos were on the ground in Libya, training, arming,
instructing and crucially providing tactical info for NATO warplanes and
helicopter gunships. So no surprise here to reports of how extensive
Western involvement with the rebels has been. This "surprise" I think is
more to be expected from the American public, who was fed the story of
"no involvement".

As I write, news has just reached me that Gadaffi's compound's defences
have been breached by rebels. The info is speculative, so I don't know
if it is true, but if it is, then Gadaffi will shortly lose a symbolic
center of power.

All this talk about Gadaffi being a symbol of resistance to
"ultra-liberalism" (or even Capitalism) is idiotic. Are we so far from
the goal of proletarian self-management that we think fondly of
"enlightened" autocrats, that we see the "good side" of Stalin, Hitler,
Peron, Mao, Hussein, Ghaddafi, as strongmen with a socialist bent who
could protect the people and direct the nation's energies towards lofty
goals ?

At a time when Capitalism is floundering, is the best response really to
seek refuge in a longing for a strong state, and a purposeful leadership
which can protect the flock and herd it away from mass unemployment and
toward state ownership of the means of existence ?

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