[Marxism] Answer to AlterNet article writing off the youth

Kenneth Morgan kenmor1968 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 07:49:49 MDT 2011


"I find it weird that an older radical like Levine--he was born in
1956--feels so comfortable explaining what makes the kids tick these days.
Shouldn't he consider letting young activists speak for themselves? If
Levine were willing to listen, he might hear some reasons to be hopeful
about the next generation of resistance to injustice"

Comment on Face Book-"Some very interesting points. The author might also
have pointed out that some of the obstacles to moving forward he mentions
like lack of activist and political experience and not being as organized as
needed might be attributed to old rad...icals turning into self-important
intellectuals who make declarations about "what's wrong with these kids
today" instead of building and maintaining active and organized efforts that
they could plug into, sharing with them their own experience and
participating in the struggle with them"-YEP.

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