[Marxism] Thoughts on the present crisis

Dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Tue Aug 23 09:26:49 MDT 2011

Erratum : my previous post should of course be read as "ThoughtS on the
present day crisis of Capitalism".

The tone is "Left Communist"/"Council Communist" and verbose
(Materialist dialectics and all) but that's because I'm annoyed with the
latest developments where people are willing to sacrifice everything for
just a tiny, tiny bit of illusory promises of possible protection from
the maelstrom by this or that leader.

Actually, I think that a big consolation would be the fact that we are
all in this together and that if the present economic depression is
anything like that of the 1930s, then we will all be TOGETHER in deep
shit. US, UK, France, China, Germany, Japan in the developed world,
Laos, Mauritania, Peru in the developing world, we, as a class, will all
be facing the same anxieties, the same nationalistic-populistic sirens,
the same growing realization that something is wrong with the mode of
production per se.

Bankruptcy is no longer an individual failing warranting suicide but a
collective disaster brought about by forces beyond the individual's
control. Forces that reveal themselves as the Capitalists' (the Banks)
need to develop Capital accumulation and control all productive output.

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