[Marxism] Watching BBC live

Dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Tue Aug 23 11:46:25 MDT 2011

"I'm inside Gadaffi's compound and I'm taking everything I can find" one
Rebel soldier tells the BBC. "And it's not stealing because it's all
rightfully mine !"
Another man is coming out with a refrigerator on his back and he's
"I'm tearing everything I can find to pieces !" A Gadaffi mural
bas-relief made of marble is being dragged out together with what looks
like silver mobilia.
The sound of a crackling fire is distinctly heard as the cameras try to
pan to show the extent of the merry looting taking place. Families have
arrived with their children. The nearby sound of gunfire can also be
heard, so the compound is not completely secured (unless it is
celebratory gunfire).
Another man emerges with "plumbing", an amalgamation of copper tubing.

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