[Marxism] DSK

Dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Tue Aug 23 13:49:39 MDT 2011

Fromp a French perspective, thefact that Dominique Strauss-Kahn was
released free of charge today will have implications for French
political life over the coming months.

First of all, before the New York arrest, he was the most popular
politician in France, with an approval rating in the polls of over 40%.
This meant that he was widely expected to announce his resignation from
the post of head of the IMF in May, quickly followed by an annoucement
of his running for presidency in France. That of course failed to
materialize, and it now seems out of the question that he could be a
candidate for the French presidential election. His credibility is
simply too battered, his previous behaviour towards women has elicited
disgust from the general public, and there is a sense that he has a
pathological problem in his dealings with the opposite sex that make him
absolutely unfit for the role of president. The fact that he was freed
because his alleged victim was "uncredible" will also contribute to the
feeling that he was let off on a technicality and that he is a
disgusting old man who uses his position of power to molest women.
However, he will return to France as a significant influence on the
socialist party in its choice of a candidate. DSK is still highly
regarded in France as an economist (whatever that may mean) and his
opinions will carry weight. The fact that he is perceived to have been
"roughly treated by the Americans because they disliked his advocacy of
an alternative currency to the dollar" will also lend credence to his
Now I think his political career will from now on be limited to that of
MP and he will be whole-heartedly supported by his constituency. He
might well become a Minister for Economic Affairs in a future socialist
government in 2013 when the contrary winds of the global economy will
rattle France and other developed nations. But nothing more than that.
Anyway, his brand of "liberalism with a human face", of
swallowing-the-pill, is rapidly becoming obsolete. What he did for the
developing world as head  of the IMF is proof of his total adherence to
orthodox dogma.


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