[Marxism] Obama's NATO war for oil in Libya

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 14:15:31 MDT 2011

> *Fred wrote:*

> I also doubt that there is much reason to assume that NATO will be able to
> a stable "puppet" regime in Libya now. They have not succeeded in doing so
> in Iraq or Afghanistan (or Kosovo, Somalia or any of the others). I think
> the main threat is not that Libya will be re-subjected to colonial-style
> domination. A much more likely consequence of the ongoing imperialist war
> is
> the ruination of the country, as we have seen in Afghanistan, Iraq, and
> elsewhere.
*My comment:* The ruination of Libya would hardly be surprising after the
ruination of Iceland, Ireland, Hungary, USA etc.  The bastards can do
nothing else.  The crucial question is how much power will NATO have.  Will
they be able to create a neo-liberal paradise (ie hell)?  What seems certain
is that there will be a struggle over this.  The rebels did not risk their
lives so that the vultures could gather and feast. The people of Libya have
lived under a tyrant for decades and now they taste freedom.  I do not think
that they will switch off so easily.

Meanwhile the Egyptian revolution has not been defeated.  That is still a
major limitation on the Imperialists.

*Fred wrote:* I do not expect the imperialist war in Libya is likely to end
when and if
Gadhafi falls. It may pause but not end.  Already the NATO powers are
talking about sending armed units on the ground to strip the people of their
*My comment:*  I am not so sure Fred. Of course I would not be at all
surprised if the disarming of the Libyan rebels was top of the wish list of
Cameron and the TNC.  But that is a tricky maneuver.  There is no major
Communist Party to help pull that off in the name of a popular front.

*Fred wrote:* The best we can do for their struggle is not to cheerlead for
anybody, but
to deepen and hopefully greatly broaden the ongoing opposition to the NATO
war in our own countries.

*My comment:*  Well Fred I  am cheer leading for the bloke staggering out of
Qadhdhafi's compound with the fridge on his back. Go! Go! Go! I am also
cheerinng on the bloke who has his foot on the head of Qadhdhafi's statue
(Look on my works ye mighty and despair!).


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