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Because, of course, the most important thing is to protect a brutal dictator
who commits mass murder if the people he supposedly leads.

Personally, I find it a rather bizarre form of anti-imperialism to line up
on, effectively, the same side as the biggest imperialist outpost in the
area, namely Israel.
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> Louis: " I hope that you can convey to your friends in PSL that now that
> Qaddafi is (or will soon be) history that a real united front can be built
> to call for an end to NATO intervention."
> I haven't see much evidence of any action on the part of any "pro-rebel,
> anti-NATO" groups up until now, and frankly I'll be pleasantly surprised
> I see any such anti-NATO action now from them either. And of course
> America's actions will most likely be limited to behind the scenes
> pressure and equally behind the scenes drone attacks (should resistance
> continue), meaning that calls for an end to NATO intervention will be met
> most of the American public with the reply, "what intervention?"
> No, Louis, the time to oppose NATO intervention in the streets was first
> foremost the last six months. And the chance to form a united front
> actual supporters of Qaddafi and simply opponents of NATO intervention was
> most important THEN, not now. But the latter were too afraid of being
> branded, to use your words, as part of the "Qaddafi Admiration Society,"
> so they remained silent, or confined themselves to hollow words (if that)
> tsk-tsking NATO bombing while cheering on the rebels.
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