[Marxism] Assessments of Libya by David McReynolds and Phyllis Bennis

Sergii Kutnii mnkutster at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 01:56:42 MDT 2011

> I've found it interesting to watch the 24 hour Russian and Chinese cable
> news because they make alternative viewpointsavailable (not necessarily
> more accurate - but alternative!). I do not blame the correspondents, who
> are risking a great deal to be on the streets, for sharing the enthusiasm
> those they are with. But it is risky to make major politcal
> on the enthusiasm of the crowd you are with. (I do NOT in any way mean to
> compare the rebels with the Germans, butone of the saddest experiences one
> can have is to look at old newsreels of Germans cheering Hitler before he
> had total power that such enthusiasm could be compelled).

It raises an important issue of the Russian media point of view.
For me as an Eastern European it's clear that the pro-Gaddafi position of
the Russian, Belarussian and part of Ukrainian media has very reactionary
roots. It's the position of a significant part of the ex-Soviet bourgeoisie
linked to current regimes in our countries.

For Putin, Lukashenko and Yanukovich solidarity with Arabic dictators is a
clearly class issue. They all fear Arabic-style revolutions. That's why they
are relying on anti-Western nationalistic sentiment and fears of invasion to
enforce national unity (which is of course unity of the oppressed with their

Some comrades with Stalinist and especially Maoist background may probably
think that they all represent the "national bourgeoisie" of the ex-USSR that
should be supported against the US imperialism. This is not true. Even the
Ukrainian oligarchy which is much weaker than the Russian big business
reached the transnational level - e.g. as far as I remember the Privat
financial group controls the single largest portion of the world's ferrous
alloys market with enterprises all over the world (even in Australia if I'm
not mistaken). They are all integrated into the world's financial system
(which is also true for the Gaddafi family). So supporting them against the
US would be siding with one imperialist against the other. The Cold War
reasoning in the modern world would help only to  fuel another August of

That's why I was in favor of Gilbert Achcar's position from the beginning.

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