[Marxism] Human Beings and Nuclear Power -- and Earthquakes

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at hunterbear.org
Wed Aug 24 04:47:08 MDT 2011

Note by Hunter Bear / August 24 2011

I posted this very short piece on Humans and Nuclear a few months ago.  The Event of yesterday in the American East makes it again a timely post.  Very quickly after the Quake news was shooting to the Four Directions, some media folk quite appropriately and commendably raised the question of the safety of nuclear power plants.  If "canned" reassurances were given in some media instances, there were at least some realistic warnings.  A fair number of nuclear plants are in the "earth trembling" reach of the Quake and one at least had to be quickly closed down to avoid very possible meltdown.  And while much of this public media concern evaporated quickly, some has continued.  

Good -- as far as it's gone.  And we have matters of this sort in our Gem State region, right here, that merit similar concerns -- and that's certainly the case in the West Coast settings.

The Cosmos has the good grace to tender warnings -- but, in this and other veins, I somehow don't feel It likes to be endlessly redundant.  [H]

It's long struck me that, since the Industrial Revolution, the intellectual and emotional maturity of humanity in that -- industrial -- context has lagged far behind tech devekpments in a very vast number of cases.  And it's too often those people devoid of balance and good sense, to say nothing of a lack of sensitivity for humanity, who wind up presiding over the directional management of the technological creations,  

They often remind me of children who play with firecrackers [usually fairly safe] but then go on to discover dynamite caps, and then dynamite itself -- all the while unaware of the full destructive potential -- and always impressed with their own abilities.  And sometimes they happen upon nitroglycerine. (I can say that, as an older pre-teen, I had an unusually sophisticated chemistry arrangement with the necessary chemicals for such exotic blends as hydrogen cyanide and nitro.  My not-always-aware parents were inclined to let me do as I wished -- but I had the good sense to avoid certain "experiments.")

Sam put it well on a Sycamore post earlier today on nuclear matters.: "These are just a few entries in the chamber of horrors that capitalism is brewing. And which mean that capitalism needs to be brought to an end and a democratic sustainable system built in its place".

I agree with that in the general sense and particularly appreciate the term, "democratic."  China has had horrendous coal mine disasters and the USSR produced the most profound civilian nuclear horror -- although events in Japan, as they proliferate, could come close to that.

But it's my opinion that, even under the "best" of humanist industrial systems, and with a reasonable level of human maturity, nuclear power and its uranium feed can never be safely handled.  Too many precarious variables in all of that -- to say nothing of Nature's oft-problematic behaviorisms.


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