[Marxism] NYT: Surveillance and coordination with NATO aided rebels

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 24 05:55:13 MDT 2011

At 01:49 24/08/11 +0200, Joseph Catron wrote:
>If you're in denial about NATO intelligence, logistical support, supplies,
>training, and of course bombs enabling a "rebel" victory that would
>otherwise have never happened, that's your "conspiracy," not mine.

Actually you must be talking about Karl Marx's "conspiracy theory": that
the oppressed could organize themselves and overturn the established order.

But of course no one can really know in any particular instance "What would
have happened if ...."

However I am now skeptical of the implication of this NYT article posted
here a few days ago:

>WASHINGTON - As rebel forces in Libya converged on Tripoli on Sunday,
>American and NATO officials cited an intensification of American aerial
>surveillance in and around the capital city as a major factor in helping to
>tilt the balance after months of steady erosion of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi's

Yes, "American and NATO officials CITED" that factor, but in the entire
article there was nothing in the way of an independent verification of that
importance. What we have heard has been NATO and the TNC taking credit for
the assault on Tripoli, and surely they want the Libyans to believe that
rather than feeling their own power on the streets. Regrettably, the
neo-stalinist/marcyite currents ALSO see world history as a competition
between great powers (states) which explains their inclination IN EVERY
INSTANCE to ally with one or another state power as opposed to the role of
popular political action.

The more I understand this way of thinking, the more can I understand their
pro-Gaddafi (and other repugnant) positions. And how unlikely it is that
they will ever support an actual revolution.

- Jeff

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