[Marxism] [RKOB] After the collapse of the Gaddafi regime: Where now for the Libyan Revolution?

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 24 06:07:07 MDT 2011

At 14:00 24/08/11 +0200, RKOB wrote:
>*After the collapse of the Gaddafi regime: Where now for the Libyan 

I would absolutely endorse points 1 to 6 of this statement. And in
particular the demands put forward in point 5, which I think bear repeating:

>·Build councils of actions in all enterprises, urban districts and 
>villages! Elect delegates to form a workers and peasant government based 
>on these councils! Down with the TNC!
>·Don't dissolve the militias but rather transform them into a national 
>army under the control of the councils! Smash the remaining elements of 
>the regimes military and security apparatus!
>·No to any privatisation of the oil industry! For the nationalisation 
>under workers control of the central sectors of the industry, the 
>financial sector and the service industry!
>·Expropriate the foreign multinational assets! The Western government 
>must give back the assets of the Gaddafi regime to the Libyan people!
>·No to any NATO military and advisors in Libya!
>·For an election of a revolutionary Constitutional Assembly!
>·For full citizenship rights for the migrant workers! Equal wages for 
>equal work!
>·Equal rights for all national minorities like the Berber and the Tuareg 
>and Tebu people! Down with Arab chauvinism against them! No 
>discrimination of their languages! For their right of national 
>self-determination including the right to have their own state
>·A central task of the works movement in Europe is to fight against the 
>racist policy of immigration control. They must demand from the EU 
>governments to open the borders for all refugees from Libya and North 

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