[Marxism] A telling quote

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 11:17:48 MDT 2011

We don't need to idealize what exists in another country to defend it
against imperialism.

The "anti-anti-Qaddafi left" is a dull, thudding echo of what Lenin called
utopian ideology resurfacing within the Marxist movement.  That is, Marxism
came to predominant in the socialist left at the end of the 19th century,
and gained hegemony over its language, but the old drive to base what we
were doing on some idealized society persisted and continued to motivate
entire sections of the movement.  The problem is, once you by into this
fantasy and start publicly insisting on it, you become a prisoner of its

What has been pernicious about this in the last century is that many
Marxists have found it a path of least resistance to impose this idealized
society upon societies and governments that were, in reality, anything but .
. . .  In short, the utopian impulse was strong enough to blot out the
entire analytical impulse within Marxism.  Indeed, when people start
insisting that the entire opposition movement in Libya was cooked up in
Washington or Paris or London, they are really entering into the realm of
the 9-11 mythologies . . . and arguing what amounts to a religious belief.


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