[Marxism] Nir Rosen - A Critique of Reporting on the Middle East

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Wed Aug 24 11:26:38 MDT 2011

For Americans, the Middle East story must always be of the American empire

*A Critique of Reporting on the Middle
*Nir Rosen, Jadaliyya**

One reason for the failure of journalists to leave their green zones may be
a combination of laziness and aversion to discomfort. But in Iraq,
Afghanistan, other developing countries and areas of conflict in some
countries, you have to leave your comfort zone. You might prefer an
English-speaking whiskey-drinking politician over six hours of bouncing
along dirt roads in the heat and dust in order to sit on the floor and eat
dirty food and drink dirty water and know you’re going to get sick tomorrow,
but the road to truth involves a certain amount of diarrhoea.

full - http://jfjfp.com/?p=24798

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