Greg Adler grega2728 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 13:30:13 MDT 2011

What I watched on TV the last few days certainly looked to me to be
the final stages of a victorious revolution in Libya.

Apparently some leftists have noticed that it doesn't  appear to be a
socialist revolution led by a Bolshevik-type party and that
surprisingly enough imperialist countries and various capitalist
concerns are hoping to make hay-
so to speak.

It might be a sign of some lingering juvenility in my increasingly
senile mind but
I was excited to see the masses of Libyan people in Tripoli and
Benghazi celebrating the liberation of Tripoli-although some pretty
intense fighting seems to be still going on.

It seems to me to be a tad eurocentric to put forward the proposition
that the main
motivating force in the 6 month long uprising was anyone other than
the Libyan people themselves rather than a conspiracy of NATO, Big Oil
and maybe the Illuminati.

Such tosh. In the spirit of "1066 and All That" I joyously acclaim the
uprisings in Tunisia
Egypt Syria Yemen and Libya -and wherever else the Arab masses move to take the
control out of the hands of their oppressors-as a very Good Thing indeed.

Although it may not be as loud as we might wish I am pretty sure that
I can hear the burrowings of our old friend the mole. If things
haven't strictly fitted our beloved templates and if there is much yet
to be settled as to the final outcomes I vaguely recall something that
Marx said about theory and reality and which was grey and which green.

Greg Adler

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