Tristan Sloughter kungfooguru at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 14:53:45 MDT 2011

Many are giving NATO more credit than I think they deserve.

I can't speak based on full knowledge of the battles in anyway, but the idea
that NATO was able to overthrow the Libyan government with, in comparison to
other wars, little fire power and in such a short time seems off to me...

This seems more to be what you'd expect when the foreign forces piggy-back
on the revolutionary population.

It is too early for me to be too certain on my position. We all remember how
"easily" the Iraqi regime was overthrown...

If the imperialists do send in troops I think things are very likely to
deteriorate quickly.

So even if its a "staggering victory for imperialism", I don't think its
right to think this was not due to the Libyan people winning a
revolution/civil war.


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