[Marxism] An Opium of Idealist Politics

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 19:26:40 MDT 2011

Why do the people in Libya have to "rejoin the Arab Spring"?  Were they
expelled?   Did their dues lapse?

Revolutions, I repeat, are messy affairs because they take place in the real
world with masses of people, often contradictory motives, and, yes,
sometimes assistance from rather unsavory sources.  The analogy I made fits
better . . . the role of the Kaiser's government in aiding the overthrow of
the Kerensky regime in Russia.  I'd be the first to say that such
developments aren't fraught with dangers, but politics in the real world
isn't going to be without risks.   The involvement of NATO probably hastened
the timetable of the collapse, but it certainly remains unclear.

What I find mind-numbing here is the idea that somehow the people have
failed themselves by overthrowing a despotic regime . . . by any means


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