[Marxism] Monthly Review accuses ISO of spreading racist lies

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 25 07:02:30 MDT 2011

Claims that the Libyan government was employing African 
mercenaries against the rebels were given credence in some 
left-wing media as well, even after information contradicting the 
claims began to surface: e.g., ". . .  [I]t must be pointed out 
that the Qaddafi regime helped create the conflict ["violence 
against Black Africans by Libya's rebel forces"] by consciously 
drawing on Black Africans to serve as a mercenary force against 
the resistance" ("The U.S. Is No Friend to Libya's Uprising," 
Socialist Worker, 9 March 2011); "In order to crush the current 
opposition, Qaddafi is again relying on private mercenaries. 
There are rumors that these mercenaries have come from as far away 
as Serbia, but most media accounts detail Qaddafi's use of African 
mercenaries" (Rayyan Ghuma, "The Facts about Racism in Libya," 
Socialist Worker, 14 March 2011).  The issue of war propaganda 
based on racist rumors spread by corporate media remains 
important, especially as the Libyan rebels are now attempting to 
take over Fezzan.  We hope to see a change in this regard in 
left-wing as well as corporate media. -- Ed.


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