[Marxism] Monthly Review accuses ISO of spreading racist lies

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu Aug 25 10:31:34 MDT 2011

It should also be noted that the article in MRzine is by Peter Hart of
FAIR, however ALL of the references to the British SWP are in an editor's
note at the beginning of the piece (the part Louis forwarded). I wonder if
the author of the piece had agreed to that introductory note, whose only
purpose was an unfair swipe at the SWP? And that introductory note itself
is problematic, regardless of the facts:

  The issue of war propaganda based on racist 
  rumors spread by corporate media remains important....

Now the corporate media may sometimes be criticized for racism, as well as
bad reporting. However I think it is extremely disingenuous to call a
POSSIBLY erroneous (but probably not) report of black mercenaries -- which
LED to a racist response -- "racist." With the implication (and indeed the
main purpose it appears) to then transfer the "racist" label from the media
to the SWP. If anything, it is the SWP that has been slandered in that regard.

- Jeff

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