[Marxism] An Opium of Idealist Politics

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 13:12:31 MDT 2011

Matthew Russo <russo.matthew9 at gmail.com> wrote:

> And yes, in answer to Mark, they do have to demonstrate that, they do have
> to "renew their dues", that is, renew their ties, cut off by Gadaffi, to
> the
> pan-Arab movement.  Don't you think Libyan political culture would be
> greatly enriched by the involvement of Egyptians and Tunisians acting
> across
> those artificial imperialist-drawn borders?  Or in the manner of the
> etc., which I am certain you do not intend, do you also think it
> presumptive
> to offer advice from afar?
I see you've clearly not read my earlier posts insisting that the
developments in Libya can't really be understood separate from the Arab
spring generally.

And on the necessity of understanding revolutionary processes from the
inside out, rather than to impose the distinction you seek to impose from
the outside like some political quack.

And that I don't think people in the region generally make these
distinctions you're making.

And that it is absurd for those outside the situation to impose their
assumptions about how a textbook revolution needs to happen from the

. . . all of which has apparently been like water off a duck's back for some
of the quacks.  :-)


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