[Marxism] Thoughts on Martin King's Statue and Tributes to Medgar Evers

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at hunterbear.org
Fri Aug 26 13:35:50 MDT 2011

(Apparently there's been a little controversy in some quarters about the King statue.  Some feel it may symbolize "the burial of a movement.")

I've never been a statue person -- most I'll have is an appropriate photo 
portrait or two on an office wall -- but I see nothing wrong with the statue 
of Martin King in DC.  I'm glad it's there and I think its transcendent 
spiritual/humanist qualities will defuse any negatives from the corporate 
money involved.  Martin King was personally a modest man -- not a saint --  
and I always apprececiated his words, "There go my people; I have to run to 
catch up."  His statue in good company means a great deal to a great many 
people -- and I think the fight against racism and other anti-people isms 
and the battle for a full measure of social justice for all, aren't going to 
be inhibited a bit by a statue of  a man who fought, often successfully, for 
everyone.  Jackson abounds these days with tributes of various kinds to 
Medgar Evers, also a very modest and determined guy who saw an egalitarian 
and interracial Mississippi, and those symbols of recognition and commitment 
mean much to many -- and good efforts in the justice vein in that 
historically bloody setting certainly continue.

Best, H

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