[Marxism] Prisoner release at Abu Salim

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 17:32:23 MDT 2011

This was an amazing video -a real fall of the Bastille moment. It would seem
that the guards had fled and left the poor bastards locked up in their
cells.  The hammer blows on the locks, beyond their literal meaning,  seem
to me to symbolise blows for freedom.

Over at Lenin's Tomb Comrade Seymour has posted this

*This is from the head of the Committee on Foreign

* *
*The task is daunting but not hopeless. So far the rebels have done fairly
well in policing the cities they have taken over. The fact they participated
in the liberation of their country may have helped as there appears to be a
sense of responsibility and ownership, something sorely absent in Iraq.*

The document goes on to speculate about the need for American troops on the
ground. At his blog the Angry Arab is similarly downcast about the fate of
the Libyan Revolution. I hear what both comrades are saying. Still I think
that they are being premature in reading the last rites. The above quote
shows that there is a good deal of fear in Imperialist circles about what
will happen next.  They are daunted.  Of course NATO might succeed and the
worst predictions of comrades Seymour and Assad Abu Khalil may come to

I still, though,  refuse such pessimism. So even if my capacity for
repeating myself is strengthening with every year, I am actually reluctant
to urge everyone not to give up on the Libyan people just yet.

In the mean time the Angry Arab reports that the Egyptian government is not
strong enough to take down the Egyptian flag and to restore the Israeli flag
on the Israeli Embassy, despite being urged to do so by the Israelis. He
also reports that the Muslim Brotherhood has refused to participate in the
anti-Israeli protest planned for this weekend. The Brotherhood is the last
fall back position of the Imperialists, but I feel they may have made a
mistake by so openly opposing the anti-Imperialist sentiment that appears to
be gripping the Egyptian people.  I certainly hope so.

Patience comrades, patience.



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