[Marxism] Stanford Professor compares American Indians to Neaderthals

J L jleftbreve at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 26 18:33:50 MDT 2011

The legitimization of eugenics is here.


While the genes we received might be helping us stay a step ahead of 
viruses to this day, the Neanderthals did not do so well out of their 
encounters with modern human ancestors, disappearing completely some 
30,000 years ago.

Peter Parham suggested a parallel could be drawn between the events of this period and the European conquest of the Americas. 

"Initially you have small bands of Europeans exploring, 
having a difficult time and making friends with the natives; but as they establish themselves, they become less friendly and more likely to take over their resources and eliminate them.

"Modern experiences reflect the past, and vice versa."

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