[Marxism] MLK statue

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 23:42:23 MDT 2011

The below response to Werner's incisive critique of the MLK monument nicely
expresses the idealist trajectory of some on Marxmail, named after a guy
who, precisely, critiqued Hegelian idealism on the question of dialectical
"transcendence".  It is a view that can be extended to questions Libyan,
where the reduction of this country to NATO finds its complement in the
complete exclusion of all things NATO from the analytical mix.

Please stop and think, before one must drop the name of the great
materialist from all things email or repentant .


I suppose that's the avowed purpose of the "transcendent
spiritual/humanist qualities" people are expected to find in works of
art; but as this is a Marxist list I would strongly question whether
such qualities exist. In this case - and I've only seen photographs -
the MLK monument strikes me as a particularly confused mish-mash of
techniques and approaches - a bastard child of Gutzon Borglum and Maya

Paul Werner,
WOID: a journal of visual language

I'm astonished to hear of a Marxism that doesn't involve transcendence.
That was, after all, one-word summary of Hegel.

The question is the impact the statue will have on people.  Will it
strengthen their admiration of King's admirable qualities or make them want
to buy a Coke.  If the former, it's presence is transcendent enough.


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