[Marxism] Refuting Juan Cole: The Myth of Libyan Liberation

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Fri Aug 26 23:53:41 MDT 2011

Good to have this rebuttal to Cole, aside from this paragraph which 
doesn't hold up, given that the Libyan role in telcoms has largely been 
equity investment, really no different (except less technologically 
sophisticated) than the standard Western high-profit cellphone racket 
(more about which at 
), and given the role of the African Development Bank in first-cut 
neoliberal maldevelopment strategies:

On 8/27/2011 3:07 AM, Intense Red wrote:
> <http://www.counterpunch.org/2011/08/26/the-myth-of-libyan-liberation/>
> Libya played an
> important role in financing the African Bank, thus allowing African nations
> to avoid the tender mercies of the World Bank and the International Monetary
> Fund. Libya also financed a continent-wide telecommunications system that
> saved African countries hundreds of millions of dollars by allowing them to
> bypass western-controlled networks.  He also raised living standards. This
> does not make him a good guy, but it does say that Libya’s role in Africa
> cannot be reduced to simply “sinister.”

Gaddafi in Africa was extremely sinister, as any victim of his 
generously-funded friends running dictatorships will testify... just as 
is the African Development Bank (known as a World Bank puppet over here) 
in Libya itself. Here's a recent report on how well Gaddafi was 
implementing the Washington Consensus:


To build a diversified economy, the
country is set to promote its private sector,
improve its relative competitiveness, and
generate growth in sectors with high
potential. It also seeks to enhance the
efficiency and effectiveness of the public
sector, and develop human capital.

[PB - those latter words are malevolent. Here's what it really means, 
later on in the paper:)

Public enterprises have been privatized and
one third of public employees are being laid

(More on how this squares up 100% with IMF views of Gaddafi, here: 
http://www.pambazuka.org/en/category/features/73932 )

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