[Marxism] Repeatedly misquoting Achcar :-(

Lenin's Tomb leninstombblog at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 28 08:43:28 MDT 2011

On 28/08/2011 15:25, Jeff wrote:
> This is getting silly, where I have to go back and make such simple (but
> conveniently ignored!) corrections to misquotes.....
> Rather than pointing out that the statement is probably true, that certain
> "sources" made that claim, I see one problem. As far as I can possibly
> tell, that article is NOT by Achcar!

I'm afraid the silliness is entirely on your side.  I did not allege 
that Achcar had written the article, as you might have gathered had you 
followed what you're commenting on.  The cited source for the claim of 
up to 10,000 deaths in the first month of war in Libya was a wikipedia 
entry, which adduced a claim supposedly made by the ICC.  In the article 
by Achcar that you cite, he also alleges that the ICC are responsible 
for the figure of 10,000 deaths.

I checked the entry and it referred to the IRIB article which I linked 
to.  If you check it's claim, you find that it doesn't stack up.  The 
ICC made no claim of 10k deaths.  The source is one individual within 
the ICC, initially cited on Al Arabiya's Twitter feed and subsequently 
reproduced on a few other websites.  It refers to deaths allegedly 
inflicted by one side in one week of the uprising.  So when Achcar 
depicts a range of estimates going as high as 10,000, he must be aware - 
since he is nothing if not informed - that there is actually no reliable 
basis for such a figure.  In the period covered by this estimate, one 
week, HRW estimated about 233 deaths in total.  The only plausible 
invocation of such a figure that I have seen comes from the UN's war 
crimes expert, Cherif Bassiouni, who estimated a total of 10-15,000 dead 
/on all sides/ /throughout four months of war/, including NATO bombing.

> Again, this is NOT Achcar speaking!! I want to ask everyone reading 
> this, how many incorrect statements made by OTHERS will Achcar have to 
> answer to? I mean it. What I DO find interesting, though, is that 
> Lenin's Tomb is able to prove his wisdom by offering an explanation to 
> something that was never true in the first place: 

I'm sorry that you find it so difficult to follow the pattern of a very 
straightforward conversation.  Again, I did not allege that the cited 
article was written by Achcar.  Like the IRIB article, it was a news 
article explaining the background to the claim that the ICC estimated 
10,000 people killed by the regime.  The point of citing it was to 
indicate the quality of the claim.  Patently, the ICC had not made such 
an estimate.  The source of the estimate was a solitary official nowhere 
near Libya.  No other estimate has corroborated this claim.   So Achcar 
misattributes the claim and gives it a credibility it does not merit.

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