[Marxism] A dialogue on the characteristics of revolutionary groups

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An exchange of nine recent comments by Pham Binh and John Riddell posted
August 24 on  <outbind://49/www.johnriddell.wordpress.com>
www.johnriddell.wordpress.com explores how the example of the early
Communist International can assist - or mislead - Marxist organizations in
North America today. Totaling 5,000 words, this dialogue encompasses
relationships to social movements, leadership selection, international
centralization, and the example of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Pham Binh is a New York-based socialist and writer who maintains the website
<http://planetanarchy.net/> http://planetanarchy.net/. 


1. Binh: 'How was the Comintern Executive Committee elected?'

2. Riddell: 'A nominations committee and the delegations worked up a slate'

3. Binh: 'I understand that the Bolsheviks used a secret ballot'

4. Riddell: 'Comintern president Zinoviev was an enabler, not an originator
of ultra-leftism'

5. Binh: 'The Comintern's actions did a lot of damage to young communist

6. Riddell: 'Current far-left groups diverge from the model of the

7. Binh: 'Groups imitating the early Comintern are not vanguards'

8. Riddell: 'To achieve revolutionary unity, the early Comintern tolerated

9. Binh: 'Leninist groups since the 1930s have been led astray by
methodological flaws'

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