[Marxism] Repeatedly misquoting Achcar :-(

Tristan Sloughter kungfooguru at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 08:58:57 MDT 2011

> The numbers game doesn't interest me, except out of sorrow for the
> lives lost.

I wish that was the only reason we have to take interest in the numbers
game. But it is important to do so for at least two other reasons.

First, numbers can guide reaction which leads to action. A key example I
think is was the racist war-drum that was beating for intervention in Sudan.
Numbers were and are thrown around with no basis and must be challenged with
fact and proper analysis of the historical circumstances at play.

Secondly, I think its important to respond to the use of the 'numbers game'
by people attacking some foreign government or rebel forces to then bring to
their attention the numbers of Iraqi deaths and refugees -- or other US
atrocities. Often their loose definitions of genocide and atrocities fits
many of our actions. Where is the call on the UN to stop the Christian
Nations genocide of Iraqis!


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