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The fact is that every  winter in the northeastern USA, we get storms known
as northeaster.  These storms are typically at least as powerful as Irene,
with comparable wind speeds, and are often much more destructive,
since these storms bring heavy snow rather than rain.  We had storms
last winter that caused much more destruction than Irene has, thus far.
And we will probably experience more of the same this winter too.
Those storms too, get really hyped up by the media, but the hype over
Irene seems rather silly IMO.  

I suspect that a combination of factors is behind the hype over Irene.
>From the standpoint of media outlets, late summer before Labor Day,
is a typical "slow news" period, so a big storm is a godsend for them.
Then there is some reason to believe that some of the Obama people
might be looking forward to using the storm as a way for providing
a new economic stimulus in the form of disaster relief.  Paul Krugman
has been suggesting just that, and some of the GOP,  like Eric Cantor,
fearing that might happen, have asserted that any increases in government 
spending for storm relief must be compensated for by spending cuts elsewhere.

Jim Farmelant

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On 8/28/11 11:06 AM, Greg McDonald wrote:

> http://content.usatoday.com/communities/ondeadline/post/2011/08/tornado-warning-issued-for-brooklyn-queens/1?csp=34news
> In spite of all the warnings, 11 people have died. I don't think it's
> a cry wolf scenario at all. As everyone knows, such storms can spawn
> tornados, flooding, downed trees, etc.
> Greg

I am no meteorologist but I was skeptical of the worst case scenario for 
NYC all along. By definition a hurricane loses strength when it moves 
from the ocean, where it is fed by warm water currents, into land. Right 
now, the rain has stopped in NYC and there is no wind. In fact, I have 
not seen evidence of strong winds since yesterday. Right now CBS is 
reporting that there is not much evidence of fallen trees in Central 
Park. A couple of years ago a nasty localized storm brought down dozens.

I am no conspiracy theorist but I wonder if all the hoopla had something 
to do with a much bigger disaster, loss of jobs, foreclosures, etc.

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