[Marxism] Repeatedly misquoting Achcar :-(

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sun Aug 28 09:47:19 MDT 2011

At 16:15 28/08/11 +0100, Lenin's Tomb wrote:
>1) Greg sought the source of Achcar's 10k figure ...

>4) In so doing, I demonstrated that the figure cited by Achcar....

For the last god damn time, THAT WAS NOT ACHCAR'S CLAIM! 

Achcar stated in one article that ESTIMATES ranged from 2200 to 10,000. In
the other 1000 to 10,000. He never said or implied that the higher estimate
was more correct. His only point had been that there were very substantial
numbers of deaths, as part of a larger argument lest someone counter it by
saying that "there were very few deaths."

>I doubt that, if pressed, Achcar would defend his claim.
I'm sure he wouldn't defend a claim he never made. But nice try.

A lie repeated three times in the same email says much more about the
methodology of the writer than anything else. It also cautions me to be
skeptical of anything I further read by that writer.

And the need to continually misquote Achcar alerts me to the fact that his
detractors are avoiding arguing against Achcar's basic arguments. I find
Achcar's articles analyses quite convincing the more I (re-) read them.

- Jeff

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