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That's precisely my point.  Up to Virginia and the
Carolinas, Irene was living pretty much to its billing.
But north of that, this storm, like most such storms,
inevitably lost strength because the waters were now
cooler and because the storm was now travelling over
land rather than open water.  It's the rare hurricane
that doesn't do this when it tracks to the northeastern
United States.

Also, for the northeastern United States, this
storm, in its real effects, was much less scary
than the northeasters that we typically get in
winter.  Those storms can be every bit as powerful
as any hurricane, with comparable wind speeds,
and unlike a hurricane, these storms can throw
down lots of heavy storm.  And yes, these storms
are pretty good in causing severe flooding and coastal surges.
A big northeaster is not to be trifled with as anyone who
has lived in New England or New York knows.

Jim Farmelant

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No, it actually *was* a very big storm that just lost strength.  At one
point it was predicted to hit land as a category 3 or 4.  It did a fair bit
of damage in the Bahamas.  The fear of storm surge and severe flooding were
real and not hype.  Glad it didn't happen.  Irene had been expected to hit
South Florida (where I live) on Thursday but then veered northward.

Paul Lefrak
Miami Beach

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